Healthcare IT & Medical Technology

We believe that Heathcare IT and Medical technology research is one of the rapidly growing market research area. To be a part of the growth story, MedField already has, and is fast developing capabilities in this niche field. To showcase our present prowess, MedField has already executed 15 projects in this field, of which, two of the most pretigious studies have been elucidated below :-Project Name: Healthcare Informatics Worldwide.The five focus area of this study is as follows & the HOD from the respective departments were contacted.
Five different questionnaires were used for each segment.
1. Cardiology Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS)
2. Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS)
3. Cardiology Hemodynamic System
4. ECG Management System
5. Cath Lab Workflow System
Interviews were conducted with all the top Tertiary Hospitals & all big Corporate hospital in Metro cities in India .
Project Name: Telehealth Objectives of the study:-

1. What is the business model?
2. What is the financial sustainability in the business model?
3. What are the partnership opportunities in the business model for any type of healthcare product company (eg.- pharma, devices, consumables etc.)?
4. What are the new initiatives or business opportunities the respondent is planning for? And what are the partnership opportunities foreseen in that new business model?