KOL- Physician Advisory Board

“Information is everywhere, but insights develops from key people who have exceptional expertise in relevant field”

“KOL-Physician Advisory Board” is MedField India’s powerful tool to analyze the healthcare projects which we are dealing with. Our Advisory Panels, who live by their motto “Analyze the future”, is aiming at the well being of the world by predicting the forthcomings.

Our KOL-Physician Advisory Board are a group of physicians who are expertise in the therapeutic areas such as Oncology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Dermatology & many more. We work in association with these key people to have better understanding of the projects.

Our KOL possess a unique credibility, as their validity often stems from years of industry experience and medical affiliations. Our KOL provides informative, sharp, accurate and high information in various therapeutic areas, across global markets that improve ROI and performance of any pharmaceutical companies. In addition; our senior therapeutic leads are encouraged to network within the industry research communities, such as at conferences and networking meetings.

Key Opinion Leaders are vital to provide information on drug development process. Their inputs can be invaluable while conducting clinical trials. Since they are experts in their fields, they also have the ability to influence their peers’ medical practice and prescribing behavior. Provide advocacy activity, they can champion the products that they believe in. They can act as change agents and help direct how your product is perceived in the market.

No matter the region, specialty, therapeutic area, or preferred methodology, MedField India’s KOL provides the deepest, broadest, and the best information.

We also conduct market research through an online panel of these experts. Their feedback can also help you test market the drugs before they are made available to the public.

The fields of KOL assistance includes

·      Therapeutic Options for disease conditions

·      Opportunities and unmet needs in relevant therapeutic areas

·      Information on drugs/ vaccines/biological

·      Govt. policies in healthcare sector

·      Product development

·      Market analysis for relevant therapeutic areas

Our KOL-Physician Board covers experts from 6 countries across Asian continent as of now.